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Cross-System Data Intelligence

We optimize and distribute data across borders and keep your data available everywhere at any time

The challenge

A common challenge is that data is managed on many distributed systems, each fulfilling a certain need. How can you make sure that your data is available in the best possible quality at the right time? Most of the time you fall back to a manual and time consuming process where one has to work around the challenges different systems introduce.

The idea

How would your workflow change if you could rely on an optimized process of managing and distributing your product data. How much time would you save if you would have a way of communicating with established as well as custom systems? What would happen if your data could reside in central system, independent of their origin data source?

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The solution

We have specialized in distributing data across their current boundaries, decreasing the initial and ongoing cost and time effort. Because we are working together with our partners in manufacturing, wholesale and sale we know of the challenges many businesses face and are here to help. We are thriving to increase the speed and ease at which you can distribute your data, no matter if you face the challenges of managing product releases of manufacturers or user facing information. Having a central place for your data enables you to optimize product data by utilizing internal and external services, as well utilizing the newest business intelligence tools.